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With Writing in Stereo you can have it your way.  TechLighter makes it simple … or complex.  It’s up to you.

writerligherlogos2.jpgUsing your existing Internet-connected and networked student computer lab, we can add a small mixer and a microphone and stand to any computer.  That’s all you need to start broadcasting over the worldwide web for free!  Your students write their copy (news scripts and rewrites) at their own workstations.  You fileshare the copy to a machine next to the audio recording computer.  Edit the copy and compose a complete script.  Then your students read their copy into the recording computer (running Audacity digital audio recording and editing software).  The edited MP3 is uploaded to Podbean.com (or a like audio streaming site), and you’re in business.

Of course, you can spend a few thousand on a low power AM transmitter.  With that you can actually broadcast your students newscasts, promos and public service announcements to within perhaps a 3-mile radius of your school.  Unlike, low power FM, the AM variety does not require an FCC license: a big advantage.  You’ll need another machine running broadcast automation software if you want to keep the station on the air when students are not available.  We recommend DRS2006 (DRS2006.com) for the best value for the money.  It’s very reasonable.  Those AM transmitters come from Radio Systems.  You can find them online, too.

Get started now! Our email is writinginstereo@gmail.com