Writing in Stereo

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When you teach Mic Writer, you present the entire Writing in Stereo II wraparound first as a complete report paradigm.  Then you break it down to present the 7 appropriate lessons of Writing in Stereo II.  In this way the student recognizes how professional news writers compose simple readers, phoners and voicers, each a stand-alone report but each a part of the larger model.  For a demonstration of these parts, read and listen to A Wraparound for OASIS Radio Dramatics.  (The lock-out is simply, "For ... News, I'm ... .")

writerligherlogos2.jpgHere are the parts of the radio news wraparound:

Writing in Stereo, © 2010, 1994 Revised February 13, 2010

1.  Soft lede:  Active voice sentence, few details

2.  Write-up: "(Position title) (source first and last name) says ... " (complete sentence: generalization or lead-in)

3.  Actuality

In-cue: "(First few words) ... "

Out-cue: " ... (last few words)."

4.  Write-out: (details)

"(Source) also says ... " (complete sentence)

(Where do we go from here: location or future of issue)

5.  Lock-out:  "For K-W-X-L News, I'm ... "


Simple meeting reader:  1, 2, 4

Phoner:  1, 2, 3, 4

Voicer:  1, 2, 4, 5

Wrap-around: 1-5

Feature:  1-5 plus sound (FX and ambient), multiple actualities