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With the return of Writing In Stereo, retired educator Douglas Potter shares his strategies for teaching broadcast journalism in a program that will raise students' spirits as it raises their test scores.  Writing teachers everywhere will want to hear more about this short, active voice style that frames research quotations perfectly and makes summarizing complex details simple.  Writing in Stereo contains the core curriculum for all aspects of Doug Potter's work in radio broadcast journalism at Palo Verde High School and Pueblo High School from 1979 to 1983 and from 1986 to his 2006 retirement.

Writing In Stereo first appeared online in the early 1990’s.   Program author Douglas Potter subsequently created the Writing/Reporting for Broadcast classes at Pueblo Magnet High School in Tucson, Arizona.  Potter's curriculum was the foundation for two radio stations--one AM and one FM--and both beginning and advanced classes in broadcast journalism for radio.  Students in these classes mastered the broadcast news writing style and produced hourly newscasts throughout the day each and every school day.  Broadcast automation software, operated by students, made possible the broadcast and re-broadcast of these newscasts throughout the evening.  W/RB spun up a low power radio station at AM 1660.  The programming became Warrior Radio, named for the school mascot.  It featured a blues/rock format, The Blues School, but the 24-hour station’s purpose was school news reporting.  In 2006, the FCC granted Tucson Unified School District a license to operate KWXL-LP at 98.7 FM … and, having achieved that goal, Mr. Potter retired.  Today teacher Tara Bulleigh soldiers on, teaching and advising students at 98.7 Old School Radio.

The page links above offer teachers the lesson plans and practice exercises that they can use in their classrooms to raise writing scores and give purpose to students' reading.  These and the simple use of existing computer technology and free websites can bring any high school English classroom to the world's attention.

For more on Writing In Stereo, contact Doug Potter at writinginstereo@gmail.com.  Please credit "Writing in Stereo by Doug Potter."