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Talk about convergence!

October 21st, 2010

We're very excited here at Writing in Stereo to realize that what we assumed was a divergence of broadcast news writing skills as applied to student writing to that of video production journalism to that of citizen journalist bloggers is actually a convergence of the importance of broadcast news style as applied to multimedia journalism, the convergence of all of these disciplines.

Just Google multimedia journalism, and you'll discover how broad this field is.  When television news directors begin hiring reporters who can shoot video and videographers and photo journalists who can write broadcast news style, they say they're looking for "multimedia journalists,"  But the amalgam of skills required, much of these concentrated in the technical, suggests a far broader range of abilities necessary to the person delivering news via the web.  And so the National Association of Citizen Journalists' recognition of the importance of broadcast news writing skills actually dovetails quite nicely with the emphases we've hitherto pursued.

Amalgam and hitherto in one blog entry! Impressive, no?