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Wrap-up, roundup, link up

September 3rd, 2010

So we've just spent the last eight or nine days with our lessons in broadcast journalism for high school students.  We should note here that Writing in Stereo creator Doug Potter has a very narrow definition of broadcast journalism.

Writing in Stereo's use of the term broadcast journalism follows the curricular model set forth in traditional high school journalism instruction.  Here we emphasize the reporter's writng style and insist students master the basics of the rhetoric before they publish by whatever media is at hand.  High school journalism instructors teach the inverted pyramid, the hard lede* and the five W's.  We adapt that to broadcast journalism, teaching the broadcast news style's soft lede and other adaptations necessary to news reporting for the listeners' ears.  announcerewrites.jpgThe high school journalism student's medium is the school newspaper.  The high school broadcast journalist reaches listeners on the radio, television monitor and Internet.

At the top of this page you have page headings among others for Writing in Stereo I and Writing in Stereo II.  Both pages feature linked tables of contents to the lessons and practices each describes.  We sincerely hope you can put them to good use.

*Journalists spell the word lead when applied to the opening of a news story as lede to differentiate it from the metal used for typeface.