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WiS Lesson 8P “Special Interest”

May 15th, 2010

The original Writing in Stereo was published online back in the late 1980's.  Its purpose was to apply creative radio dramatics or broadcast journalism to all aspects of the teaching of high school English.  Each lesson included a lesson plan and notes.  I'm sharing these with you here.writingmini.jpg

UNIT OBJECTIVE: (VIII) The student will practice the confident pursuit of information in the classroom simulation, "Special Interest."

LESSON OBJECTIVE: (P) As a member of the class electorate, the student will vote the priority issue.

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Paper and pencil

INTRODUCTION: Now we make the final decision as voters. Even the members of the media get to vote on this one. But first the speeches.


1. Allow the spokespersons time to prepare their remarks.

2. Both spokespersons address the class on the merits of their priority issue.

3. Hold the final election. Everybody votes.

EVALUATION FOCUS: The process should offer satisfactory experiences in reporting strategies for students in the media teams and an exciting exercise in democracy for everyone. Gauge the students' feedback for these qualities.

End of "Special Interest" simulation.