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WiS Lesson 8N “Special Interest”

May 13th, 2010


The original Writing in Stereo was published online back in the late 1980's.  Its purpose was to apply creative radio dramatics or broadcast journalism to all aspects of the teaching of high school English.  Each lesson included a lesson plan and notes.  I'm sharing these with you here.

UNIT OBJECTIVE: (VIII) The student will practice the confident pursuit of information in the classroom simulation, "Special Interest."

LESSON OBJECTIVE: (N) The student will, as MEDIA member, file an editorial/commentary endorsing a priority issue.

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Paper and pencil, forms for publication, script forms, place of print publication, recording equipment and space

INTRODUCTION: Before we can vote, we need the enlightened opinions of our objective observers, the media. W-I-S News Radio and The Daily Wisdom need to file a commentary and editorial endorsing one of the two issues.


1. Editors coordinate the writing and recording of the five-paragraph essays of opinion.

2. Students research the essay during forming of the two polar coalitions.

3. Completed essays must be "published" using the appropriate form or recorded as part of a short newscast.

EVALUATION FOCUS: The two essays of opinion should reflect a single editorial view of the medium represented. Arguments should be well-founded and defended.